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Prioritize health when you mean business. For the ones who hustle hard and workout smarter, this gym is for you — in the core. Beat the rush hour after work or squeeze in that hour break to hit pause and make time for you. Get stronger here, for the world out there. 

GYMVMT Calgary Place is an executive gym conveniently located in the downtown corporate hub of Calgary. Accessible through the city’s Plus 15 corridors, experience two stacked floors of top-of-the-line gym equipment and premium services to get you moving during your workweek hustle. Join for $39.95 bi-weekly and jumpstart your fitness routine with us.  
Calgary Place Executive memberships include the following premium services:

  • Towel service 
  • Multi-club, multi-city access 
  • Steam rooms & saunas 
  • Unlimited group fitness classes 
  • Tru-Ride 
  • Boosts (a 45-minute team training session with an accredited trainer every 4 weeks to keep you on track) 

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Executive membership is only available at our Calgary Place location.


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