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GYMVMT Staff Emergency Fund

Lending a Helping Hand

Together as a province, country, and overall society, we are all experiencing drastic change as a result of COVID-19’s impact. As an Alberta-based business, we are committed to supporting our community in any way we can. Many Albertans rely on us — either as their fitness provider of choice, their employer, or their community partner. Like so many others, many of our employees have temporarily stopped working while our gyms are closed.

To help support employees who have been temporarily laid off, we have created this staff emergency fund to provide them with items like groceries and personal hygiene products. To get the fund started, we have contributed the first $10,000. This support comes in addition to:

  • Providing two-weeks paid notice
  • Continuing health and dental benefits for those who receive them
  • Providing access to a variety of resources through our Employee Family Assistance Program

If you are a member who chooses to opt in to our loyalty incentive program and you would like to contribute to our staff emergency fund, you have the option to pledge all or a portion of your bonus credit to the staff emergency fund.

Donation amounts will be updated every Thursday to reflect the contributions we have received. Any unused funds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

Thank you for your support, Alberta.

$0 $50,000


If you wish to make a one-time donation to our Staff Emergency Fund, please click the button below.