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At Little MVRS, we’re inspired to deliver a youth-focused movement to inspire kids, teens and families to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Each child has a unique way of learning and growing in a creative setting, where they can embrace limitless ideas and reveal their unlimited potential. Little MVRS provides a high-quality, safe, inclusive and engaged childcare service to allow you to focus on your fitness goals without interruption. Our team are all certified in CPR and First Aid and have experience not only in childcare but also play-based learning. With books, games and fitness-related toys to keep them learning and having fun, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your littles are in good hands.


*Note – there is no GST on childminding services



per child for each 90-minute time slot



bi-weekly per child


You can secure a spot for your kiddos in-club. Simply visit us at reception, and we will gladly book you a spot. Although pre-booking is preferred, walk-ins are also welcome – space permitting. From there, drop off your little ones at Little MVRS and focus on your fitness game while your child plays.

At Little MVRS, we strive to create the best possible environment for your little ones to grow and have fun. To ensure that your child has the best experience, kindly review the following rules:


At Little MVRS, we strive to create the best possible environment for your little ones to grow and have fun. To ensure that your child has the best experience, kindly review the following rules:

  • Parents may not leave the GYMVMT facility while their dependents are in our care.
  • Unless staff have been notified otherwise, each child must be signed out of Little MVRS by the same parent or guardian who signed them in.
  • A single visit to Little MVRS is limited to two hours.
  • Under no circumstances are members permitted to take children into the locker room, group fitness studio or onto the gym floor.
  • Parents/guardians will be paged to Little MVRS if a child cannot be comforted from crying or any other like circumstances within 10 minutes.
  • No food, gum or candy are permitted. If snacks are required, the parent or guardian must stay and supervise (peanut-free zone).
  • All containers should be labelled with the child’s name, especially bottles and sippy cups.
  • Due to health regulations, club staff are not permitted to assist in the changing of diapers. Only parents or guardians can perform diaper changing. If your little one needs changing, a club member will page you to visit Little MVRS.
  • Soothers and comfort items such as blankets are permitted, however, must be labelled with the child’s name.
  • Strollers and toys from home are not permitted.
  • Members are required to remove their children’s outdoor clothing and footwear before entering Little MVRS and dress them upon pick-up.
  • Clean indoor shoes or socks are required.
  • Children who have symptoms of illness must be turned away out of respect of fellow members and staff at the discretion of our Little MVRS club staff.
  • Management is not responsible for members’ property or their children’s property being lost, stolen, or damaged in Little MVRS or on GYMVMT premises.
  • Little MVRS reserves the right to remove a child perceived to pose a danger to themselves or others and must be picked up immediately upon request.
  • Little MVRS may refuse service if rules are not followed or if, in its sole discretion, it determines it is in the best interest of Little MVRS and its clients to do so.
  • Little MVRS reserves the right to call Emergency Services (ambulance) at the member’s cost if it determines, in its sole discretion, that such action is required.
  • Little MVRS privileges may be revoked if a member does not pick up their child on time (i.e. before closing)
  • The above rules are subject to change without notice

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to starting our little journey with your kids.

To book a class download the GYMVMT App*

*Use your GYMVMT/HER GYMVMT scan-tag barcode as the username and password to access the App portal.