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Aaron Bungay

Elite Plus Trainer
Elite Plus Trainer

Aaron’s passion for fitness began through his involvement and love for a variety of sports. From a young age he was involved in every competitive sport he had access to. As the level of competition grew and the attention to training increased, he became inspired by several coaches and trainers that continued to help him elevate his game to another level. He knew from that moment that he wanted to be able to give back to people in the way that his coaches had given back to him and that’s where the pursue of a career in the Fitness Industry began.

With over 12 years of experience working in health and fitness, Aaron focuses on working with a variety of client profiles through his expertise. Whether you are trying to transform your body or increase your athletic performance in a specific sport he is wanting to work with you. Aaron has successfully led clients to success in his programs, with 5 Transformation challenge clients wins through his career. He believes that there is no challenge too large and if you have a dream physical appearance, or desired goal you’ve wanted to tackle, he is confident he can get you there. His proven resume of results will have proven time and time again that you will the physical appearance or performance you desire.

Aaron has continued his growth in the Fitness industry to inspire others outside of his programing and his time with clients. He is now an active member of local Personal Training educational Faculties, a Can Fit Pro PRO TRAINER for the Personal Training Specialist Program and CPR. This has given him an opportunity to influence and grow the future of the industry by helping certify new trainers and educate them to have a successful career. His belief in strength in numbers drives his passion to increase the quality and volume of trainers the industry can provide to help ensure everyone has a resource to achieve their goals.

Sports Experience: “AAA” Hockey, Junior Lacrosse, “Div A” Golfer, “Tier 1” Baseball, 2014 Team Canada (Club Team) Ball Hockey Athlete in Slovakia


Can Fit Certification
Personal Training Specialist
Nov 2011
Edmonton, AB

Can Fit Certification
Personal Training Specialist PRO TRAINER
June 2023
Edmonton, AB

Can Fit Certification
CPR Level A,C & AED
June 2023
Edmonton, AB

Champion Performance Systems
Level 1 Life Coach
May 2014
Edmonton, AB


Edmonton // Westmount

Sports Experience

“AAA” Hockey, Junior Lacrosse, “Div A” Golfer, “Tier 1” Baseball, 2014 Team Canada (Club Team) Ball Hockey Athlete in Slovakia


Edmonton Oilers games (season ticket holder), avid rec sports athlete – slo pitch, ball hockey, ice hockey and volleyball

Favourite Exercise


Favourite Place to Travel

My Lake and Arizona

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