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Brittany Warren

Pro Elite Trainer
Pro Elite Trainer

I’m a functional strength trainer who excels at building muscle. I enjoy pushing you past your limiting beliefs and being there for you should you need more. I am a happy cat mom to 3 beautiful babies and enjoy anything outside in the sun. Gardening has become a new hobby of mine and just like I nurture my plants to grow strong I do the same for you!

There is more to fitness then doing an hour of cardio or sets with weights, it encompasses emotional, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual health avenues in one place. It’s about striving to be 1% better than the person you were yesterday- its compounding lifestyle changes and building new skills even when we don’t want to – it’s allowing yourself to be vulnerable even when all were taught is to be emotionally strong.

Fitness is for YOU; I only show you your true potential and how to get there.


Ace American Council on Exercise
Ace personal training diploma -2020

Ace American Council on Exercise
Ace nutrition specialist – 2022

FRC- Functional Range Conditioning
Joint level strength – 2023


Calgary // Beacon Heights


Drawing, hiking and gardening

Favourite Book

The 4 Agreements

Favourite Exercise

Deadlifts or lunges

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