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Dylan Holmes

Pro Elite Trainer
Pro Elite Trainer

Hi! I’m Dylan, and I’m the Fitness Manager at GYMVMT Kensington. I graduated from the University of Windsor in 2017 with a bachelors in Kinesiology. From there, I entered the fitness world as a CrossFit Coach in 2018. I’ve been learning about all the ways the body can move and progress ever since. Along the way, I’ve developed a strong appreciation for longevity training. Through that appreciation, I’ve made my personal fitness goals to centre around being as fit as possible in all aspects of life until the day I die. The methods that I implement are pivotal in aging smart and gracefully. Don’t limit your own capabilities age. Train smart. Train for life.


CrossFit Level 1
July 2018
Grand Rapids, Michigan

National Strength & Conditioning Association
Tactical Strength & Conditioning Facilitator
December 2022
Kitchener, Ontario

Fascial Stretch Therapist. November 2023
Burlington, Ontario


Edmonton // Kensington

Favourite Book

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


I have a beautiful yellow lab named Zelda who is the reason that I no longer own any crocs.


Outside of teaching in a gym, I’m also a student in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym where I learned the hard way that strength means very little in contrast with skill and technique.

Favorite Exercise

Being able to move your body in all sorts of ways is a gift, but I’m particularly partial to Deadlifts. They perfectly replicate the challenges of life.

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