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Hash Al-Hebshi

Pro Level 2 Trainer
Pro Level 2 Trainer

My story with fitness is unlike any other typical story where my family are into fitness. Neither was I born in it, nor played any type of sports my whole life which led me to become a trainer. My story with fitness started when I had to immigrate to Canada by myself due to life circumstances. Because I did not have any family or friends here, I ended up being homeless.

I lived in shelters for a year and a half & I felt lost and hopeless, I stopped believing that things would get better. Until one day I was lucky enough to meet with an organization called BOOTCAMPFORCHANCE. Their mission is to help homeless youth become certified trainers, because they saw potential in me, they offered me the opportunity to become one. Without hesitation, I took the opportunity.

Ever since I became a trainer in 2019, all I have ever wanted to do is help people, not only physically, but mentally as well. I wanted to show individuals that in life, nothing is impossible, and I want to help whoever I can throughout their fitness journey. I help all my clients primarily in making sure body functionality is set, this is optimal to be able to perform to the max potential during training, and regular daily activity. Mobility and stability training are my biggest strengths in training, as well as powerlifting, weight loss, weight gain, and muscle growth. My dream is to be one of the most well-known trainers in Canada and around the world.


Strive life Certification Level 1 Foundation
February 2019

Canfitpro Personal Trainer Level 2 Certified
Sep 2019

Derby Training System Certified Level 1
November 2019

Kettlebell Coach Certified
December 2019

TRX Coach Qualified
May 2020

Conditioning Coach Certified
October 2020

Derby Training System: Hypotrophy Fundamentals Certified
November 2021

Foot Programming Specialist Certified
April 2022

Barbell Strength Coach
October 2023


Edmonton // Kensington

Favourite Workout Meal

Omelette with a cup of coffee which I like to eat 1.5 – 2hrs prior working out as I like to train intensely.

Favourite Place To Travel

Niagara Falls


Playing Video games on PS 4 when I have time for it.

Favorite Exercise

I will have to give to Hax Squat and Leg Extension.

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