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Kira Protmann - Kensington, Edmonton Personal Trainer

Kira Portmann

Pro Level 1 Trainer
Pro Level 1 Trainer

When I was young, I lost my mother to a cardiorespiratory disease she had had since birth. Since I didn’t have someone to raise me fully, my great-grandmother raised me and my little brother. She was the kind of woman who wanted me to try everything that I could in life and would sign me up for different activities like swimming, dancing and playing baseball. These diverse experiences inspired me to continue with physical activity for the rest of my life. In Elementary and Jr. High I was bullied for how I looked, but when it came to sports, I felt powerful to the point that I knew no one could say anything that would hurt me. When entering Jr. High, I found that most girls in my class were intimidated by lifting weights, as they didn’t want to “get big.” Taking this initiative sparked an interest in my coaching career, taking the girls to another room where I began to teach Zumba lessons and later continued to coach pre-teen basketball. After high school, I moved out to Ontario to attend school. When things had fallen apart, I began going to the gym regularly and had my own personal trainer who inspired me to take this career path.

When training with me, I can guarantee that I’ll do all that I can to make sure you reach your full potential when it comes to overall fitness. With my diverse background in sports and athletics, I can show clients many ways to train and improve all aspects of their health.

In the next few years, I plan on returning to school for Massage therapy and Acupuncture, where I can continue to help people feel like their best selves.


American Council on Exercise
Personal Trainer Certification
September 2023
Edmonton, Alberta

Elevated Learning Academy
Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma
June 2023
Edmonton, Alberta


Edmonton // Kensington

Favourite Workout Meal

My favorite workout meal is spaghetti and meat sauce with a Caesar salad.

Favourite Place To Travel

My favorite place to travel would be a toss-up between Vernon, British Columbia, to see my family, and Toronto, Ontario, to see my best friends.


My hobbies include makeup artistry and skincare, dancing, and rocking to music.


I have a Great Pyrenees mix named Snowflake and a small fluffy cat with two different eye colors named Tink.

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