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Marcel Fuentes - North Hill, Calgary Personal Trainer

Marcel Fuentes

Pro Level 2 Trainer
Pro Level 2 Trainer

I was brought up surrounded by sports and athletics. I’ve been a player, a referee, and a coach. From soccer and basketball, to casual climbing and swimming, my family has always found a way to give me the greatest opportunities to learn and grow through movement.

After highschool, sports became more inaccessible, and for a long time my mental and physical health suffered. I did not realize until adulthood how much of an impact movement had on my mental and physical development.

Whether you want to look stronger, feel stronger, weight change, or just simply move more, I am here to listen to you and your needs, and find the most enjoyable, and maintainable way for you to get there.

I will help develop a sense of confidence, proper long-term movement habits, and an understanding of exercise that will open a vast world of opportunities for you as an athlete, and as a person.

In my own life, outside of the gym, I spend most of my time with my incredible wife. We do art, puzzles, attempt daily walks, and every friday watch Drag Race. We love finding new adventures and activities together.

I have been a huge fan of video games since I was a child, and not just for brainless fun. My passion comes from the stories, the quality of the experience, the artwork, the soundtrack, I am a huge fan of anyone showing their talents and passions in any area. Currently I enjoy playing halo, as my favourite all-time game ever, is Halo 2.


National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer
September 2023
Calgary, Alberta

CanFit Pro
CPR level (C) & AED
August 2023

Bachelor of Arts – Sociology (B.Soc.)
Undergraduate Sociology Major (2023)


Calgary // North Hill


A dog named Bella

Favourite Exercise

Dips or Pull-ups (assisted machine)

Favourite Post Workout Meal

Korean style Beef, winter greens, rice

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