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Mason Torresan

Elite Plus Trainer
Elite Plus Trainer

I have been in the fitness and training industry for 10 years, however athletics have been a focus of my life for over 20 years. I thrive on learning new activities and take any chance I can get to put my athleticism to the test. My competition resume is extensive with podium placements and several different sports events such as track and field, basketball, football, volleyball and bodybuilding.

I feel that with my experiences in so many different activities, that I can help you break through any barriers or challenges keeping you from achieving your fitness goals. If you are looking for the competitive edge or to just transform your body into a performance machine I’m happy to assist you.


National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer
September 2013
Edmonton, AB

National Academy of Sports Medicine
Corrective Exercise Specialist
January 2016
Edmonton, AB

National Academy of Sports Medicine
Performance Enhancement Specialist
December 2017
Edmonton AB

National Academy of Sports Medicine Golf Specialist
January 2022
Edmonton AB


Edmonton // Westmount


Koba (mastiff)


Camping, hunting and fishing and playing guitar

Favourite Book

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Favourite Exercise

Bench press

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