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Niam Graham

Pro Level 1 Trainer
Pro Level 1 Trainer

Hi, I am Niamh Graham. I am a Personal Trainer at Her Gymvmt, Beacon Heights. I’ve been apart of the Fitness industry for 5 years. I am a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and First-Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. I am also currently working on becoming a certified Nutritional Coach.

I became a part of the Fitness Industry after losing 150lbs, which completely changed my life. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity and support to become the best version of themselves. Your fitness journey is not just about changing your body, it is about finding your confidence, learning to love yourself again and realizing that you are capable of so much mor then your dreamed possible. Personal training is a holistic approach to health and fitness- Pushing you beyond your limits, teaching you how to fuel your body, monitoring your progression and helping you adopt a mindset that will not accept failure!


Fitness Instructor
June 2018

Boogie Bounce Class Instructor
May 2018

Personal Training Instructor
October 2019

HIITSTEP Class Instructor
January 2020

Irish Martial Arts Academy
First Degree Black Belt
May 2021


Calgary // Beacon Heights


Martial arts, woodwork, hiking and mountain biking

Favourite Place to Travel

Back home to Ireland and BC

Favourite Exercise

Anything Legs

Favourite Book

Shack by Willian P. Young (if you haven’t read it, you are missing out!)

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