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Olena Vynohradova

Pro Level 1 Trainer
Pro Level 1 Trainer

Olena has been a personal trainer since 2018. She has always been addicted to the gym. Her favourite exercises are the basic ones, such as the squat, deadlift, pull-up, and push-up. She is the 2019 champion in the category women physique model by the Federation of Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Athletics. The passion for the sport led her to help people improve their mental and physical health. Olena’s main areas of expertise are bodybuilding and comprehensive fitness programmes based on client goals with appropriate exercises. She believes that the quality and speed of our results depend on two things: our thoughts and our actions. Olena motivates her clients to activate their inner fire.


FullFit Certificate

Personal Gym trainer
June 2019
Kherson, Ukraine


Calgary // Westbrook


Minimalism and psychology

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