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Rachel Harrison

Pro Elite Trainer
Pro Elite Trainer

Rachel is a seasoned personal trainer with over six years of experience in the fitness industry. She specializes in strength training for women, mobility enhancement, and fat loss. Her passion for health and wellness stems from her own transformative journey, inspiring her to help others achieve their goals.

With a focus on women’s strength training, Rachel designs personalized programs that empower her clients both physically and mentally. She emphasizes the importance of functional mobility, incorporating exercises that improve flexibility, joint mobility, and posture to reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, Rachel provides guidance on nutrition and fat loss, ensuring sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term success.

Known for her empathetic and supportive approach, Rachel creates a motivating environment where clients can overcome limitations and reach their full potential. Through her extensive knowledge and dedication, she continues to make a positive impact on individuals, guiding them towards body transformation, improved health, and a happier life.


CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist
November 2018
Edmonton Alberta

Active Aging Certificate
February 2023
Edmonton Alberta


Edmonton // Gateway


Rachel annually fosters cats and kittens with the Edmonton Humane Society and PAWS rescue. She has a tabby cat of her own and is currently fostering a ragdoll kitty!

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