A personal trainer will keep you accountable and get you results faster.

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Pronounced Gym Movement

We are here to innovate and re-energize the fitness experience. To enable others to reach new heights, and to lead by example by reaching a little higher ourselves. We are motivators, innovators, movers and shakers. We are Alberta-based, Alberta-grown and most importantly, Alberta-proud.

It’s not always about the deals (though we do have great deals). It’s also about a lifestyle, creating a community, and joining an environment that inspires and motivates you. When you become a member of GYMVMT, you make an active choice to begin the journey of achieving your fitness goals, your way, in a space designed just for you. It’s time to commit to yourself and make your move.

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Personal Training

Power Up With A Pro

We’re dead set on helping our members get obsessed with fitness, because we know that when you eat right and work out regularly you become your best self. Our top-tier team is here to train, inspire, and challenge your journey, every step of the way. Reach your personal bests and beyond with 45 and 60 minute options to suit every budget and goal.

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Trū Ride

Ride The Beat

It’s not just cycling—it’s a way of life. You sweat. You ride. You groove to some good tunes. Dial up the resistance and feel your heart race with cardio like you’ve never experienced. Our Trū Leaders will challenge you to be the best version of yourself keeping you motivated with the right soundtrack and great vibes. Our studio is open seven days a week, and stocked with everything you need for your workout – come get sweaty with our tribe!

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Unleash Your Power

Run faster. Jump higher. Lift better. Test your endurance and strength in this one hour high-intensity training class. Our instructors are all CrossFit certified coaches—combining high-intensity functional movements with a team of motivators is bound to get your blood flowing. Once you start, it’ll be hard to stop moving.

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