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Get everything you need in one workout!! 321 is a mix of strength training, cardio and abdominal exercises to create a super calorie-busting workout. This time efficient program puts your metabolism into overdrive so you burn even more calories than your regular workout.

Athletic, Group Fitness


Find total ABSolution. Improve the functional movement within your core and gain inner power. In this class you will focus on your abdominals, lower back, glutes and hips and learn to stabilize and control your pelvis and spine to eliminate body stress.

Athletic, Group Fitness

Barre Workout

A ballet-inspired workout with principles borrowed from pilates, yoga and strength training to get your booty lifted and body snatched! This total body exercise is elegant while it is challenging, and designed to target your arms, hips, inner thighs, glutes and core.

Group Fitness, Mind & Body

Cardio & Pump

Get ready to pump it up! Combine cardio/step and weights to create a great all over workout. The step is intense but easy to follow (with low intensity options for beginners) and the pump section will tone your muscles and improve your shape. Perfect for...

Athletic, Group Fitness

Cardio HIIT

Sweat all the big stuff in this class. With a combination of plyometric movements, timing and tempo, fire up cardio and resistance training to get your adrenaline pulsing with energy. Blast through aerobic and anaerobic systems to boost your metabolism in fat burning mode with...

Cardio, Group Fitness


Dial it up with circuit training. With a combo of functional athletic training, cardio and resistance bodyweight training, build your endurance and lean muscle in this compact 60-minute circuit workout. Designed to unleash your inner power, elevate your heart rate, and get those gains in...

Cardio, Group Fitness


Ready, set, cycle! In this dynamic indoor cycling workout, we introduce rhythmic training, active aerobic recovery and athletic performance drills. This is the ride to your fitness journey, set the pace, energize and align your mind and body all in one place. 

Cycling, Group Fitness

Full Throttle Flex

Go full circuit. Bring your grit with you in this high intensity bootcamp designed to take strength and resistance training to the next level. With five different formats, be ready to push your limits with functional movements and athletic training combos to build those guns...

Athletic, Group Fitness

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is designed to align and calm your mind, body and spirit. With awareness to breath and body alignment, each class will allow you to experience a combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles. Mindfulness, observing breath and body,...

Group Fitness, Mind & Body

HIIT & Core

It’s time to HIIT the gym floor with cardio drills and a variety of timed sets. This anaerobic-style workout will get your body pumping with energy for days! If you’re looking to reach your peak performance and bust a sweat to reveal those abs, find it here in this...

Athletic, Group Fitness


It’s time to lift your energy, mind and fitness levels to new heights. LIFT is a barbell/dumbbell focused class that incorporates time-tested techniques to achieve mobility, stability and of course, fitness. Whether you come by yourself or with a friend, you’re sure to enjoy this...

Group Fitness, Strength

Master Mobility

Carry this one in your back pocket because this class is designed for life. Improve your mobility and flexibility, while you develop strong movement patterns to increase range and build stamina for life’s everyday situations. Master Mobility is the feel-good class you need to understand...

Group Fitness, Mind & Body

Muscle Pump

Pump it up! Muscle Pump is a rapid fat-burning class that incorporates weights to tone and condition the body. It is an all-level workout that breathes life back into barbell programs with the ability and variety to focus on specific muscle groups matching movement to...

Group Fitness, Strength


Time to step it up in this great step workout without any confusion. This class varies in intensity to provide good cardio conditioning and is sure to bring the fun. It accommodates all fitness levels as different intensity options are offered.

Cardio, Group Fitness

Strength & Sweat

Sweat baby, sweat! Get your heart rate up and fitness goals down in high energy intervals. Target specific muscle groups with resistance training, build stamina and get lean muscle tone all in one power hour packed with high intensity cardio blasts. 

Athletic, Group Fitness


Sweat now, shine later. Bring the heat to this class and power through functional movement patterns to burn those calories efficiently. Reach your maximum burn rate with a combination of bodyweight and functional abdominal sets to target specific muscle groups and double down on your...

Cardio, Group Fitness

Strong Nation

Welcome to the cardio sweat party! Strong Nation is a “core-ography” of body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original beats to get your head in the game. Get ready to feel empowered from the inside out. 

Athletic, Group Fitness

The One

One dumbbell, one mat, one mindset, one goal — to get stronger and aligned with your body. Break a sweat in this unilateral training class designed to improve muscle imbalances while providing core stability. All it takes is one source of resistance and the focus...

Group Fitness, Mind & Body


ViPR is a full-body, strength training and cardio workout designed around three planes of movement to train the whole body and burn maximum calories. With over 9,000 different exercises, it is a versatile workout that is adaptable for beginner up to elite fitness levels.

Athletic, Group Fitness

Yin Yoga

YIN Yoga, as it is generally known in the west today, can be physically demanding, emphasizing muscular endurance and muscular movement at a quicker or sustained pace. Referred to as Yang, this style of practice is only a small slice of what yoga has to...

Group Fitness, Mind & Body


Exercise your mind, body, and spirit. Empower yourself with the revitalizing and rejuvenating practice of yoga. Learn muscle control, strength, breathing techniques, and balance, while feeling the benefits in your body of increased flexibility and relaxation.

Group Fitness, Mind & Body

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow incorporates energetic movement through a series of Yoga postures, by which the practitioner experiences a relatively faster pace. Instead of pausing and holding each pose, as in Hatha Yoga, the poses flow into one another in a quick but smooth sequence. This practice...

Group Fitness, Mind & Body


Everybody and every body! Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on. We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over,...

Dance, Group Fitness


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