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“The experience I have had working with GYMVMT is almost indescribable, but if I had to try, I would say it felt like I just lifted my heaviest deadlift, ran my fastest mile, or burned 1000 calories in an hour. Like any career path, Its hard work for sure, but the reward of being in this company with these peers that I have, it’s worth every rep, set, and time put in to get to our goals.”

Jesse Blond - Elite Plus Trainer

“Working for GYMVMT has been a decade long journey of learning for me! Whether it’s learning how to train athletes through different disciplines, learning more about how to work with different types of personalities, or learning about myself and what makes me a great coach, GYMVMT has provided an environment that constantly encourages and helps foster growth!”

Alex Pronchuk - Specialist Personal Trainer

“I have been a Personal Trainer now for just over 13 years here now, and I have loved every day of it.

I love working for GYMVMT because of the opportunity I get to fulfil my passion and love, which is to be able to help members and my clients achieve their best results. To me, this is the best part of my career and it makes this environment the best job; as I get to make a difference in people’s lives and help improve their quality of life. Also, it’s the team commodity at work with colleagues and always getting help and support from management, with encouragement to always strive for the best in the career I love.”

Greg Walty - Elite Plus Trainer