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Alix Donauer

Pro Elite Trainer
Pro Elite Trainer

Alix believes in empowering women to see beauty in being strong in body…,.and in mind! Helping them realize that being healthy and feeling good about yourself doesn’t need to fit into the conformity of social media influence. This generation of women are collectively leading the way, and the trend of prioritizing fitness as the new fashion, resulting in a forever relationship with themselves. Alix is stoked at the opportunity to properly educate women around the facts of ideal, yet realistic body composition goals while still enjoying all the good things in life. Nachos with extra cheese, yes please!!


Personal Training Specialist
November 2022
Calgary, Alberta

Master Mobility
March 2023
Calgary, Albreta

Emergency First Aid Certified
November 2022
Calgary, Alberta


Calgary // North Hill

Favourite Post Workout Meal

All you can eat sushi 


Baking cookies and riding my motorcycle

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