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Daniel Hope

Pro Elite Trainer
Pro Elite Trainer

Hey my name is Dan and I have been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer since 2017. I first started weight lifting at the age of 16 (2009) when I stepped on the scale and saw I was 250 lbs. It was from that day forward I decided to lose my weight and make a change in my life. Through martial arts, powerlifting, resistance training, conditioning, running and hiking throughout the years I dropped 60-70 pounds and consistently evolving my fitness level. I like to spend my free time playing guitar, walking my dog Mia, reading, hanging out with friends, video games, hiking in the mountains and traveling the world when it lets me.

My goal for my clients who work with me is to teach a balanced fitness integrated lifestyle that consists of exercising and mindful eating with the intent of growing our bodies and mindsets. Trying to make sessions a fun, safe, judgment free environment where we can establish realistic goals and push our bodies further than we ever thought we could. Focusing on proper warm ups, mobility and exercises with purpose to help learn the ins and outs of the fitness world. My main goal is to make you the absolute best version of you through proper programming, nutritional advice and guidance into your fitness journey. Find me on the floor or ask the front desk to book a consultation with me if you feel like our values line up and want to get started!


Ace Certified Personal Trainer

ELA Personal Training Diploma Graduate Feb 2021

The Bridge Redefining Muscular Skeletal Therapy April 2023

ACE Behaviour Change Specialist January 2023

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach April 2020

DTS Level 1 Course 2018

DTS Hypertrophy Coach 2019

DTS Conditioning Coach 2020

Resistance training since 2009

Boxing and Muay Thai since 2014


Edmonton // Gateway

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