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David Spence

Specialist Trainer
Specialist Trainer

My name is Dave Spence. I have always enjoyed living a physically active lifestyle. Growing up I played a variety of sports and began training in a gym at an early age. This passion led me to pursue a Kinesiology degree and a career in health and fitness. I believe that learning to move correctly, and consistently doing so, is a key factor to living a healthy, pain-free quality life.

With my education and experience I believe I can help anyone. If you are looking to learn a new skill or if you feel like you need an extra push, I’d be happy to chat and get you moving towards your goals.


BSc Human Kinetics, Major-Kinesiology, Minor-Nutrition, STFX University May 2009

CPTN, Certified Professional Trainer May 2009

Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription Dec. 2021

Pilates for Rehabilitation Dec. 2020

Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design Dec. 2019

Knee Stabilization Dec. 2019

High Intensity Training for Women Dec. 2018

Mike Boyle Complete Sports Conditioning Jun. 2017

Maximal Interval Training Dec. 2017

Functional Training Dec. 2016

Strength Training for Fat Loss Dec. 2015

Exercise Anatomy Dec. 2014

Advanced Strength Training Dec. 2012

Advanced Power Training Dec. 2011


Calgary // Calgary Place

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