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Enoch Tsui

Pro Elite Trainer
Pro Elite Trainer

From a young age, Enoch enjoyed seeing the outcome of what movement and physical activity brought to his life. He also observed what happened to his friends and family when movement was taken away from them, how injury prevented access to living life. So Enoch intentionally pursed an education and vocation that would allow him to protect movement and physical expression in other people’s lives. One undergrad and one post grad later here he is.

Enoch gives everything he has to bring back the world once lost to those who’ve had their ability to move taken away from them by injury. If you enjoy learning, have questions, love to know why or just want to move, let Enoch help you find the best version of yourself.


Athletic Therapist

BA Honours Kinesiology York University

Athletic Therapy, CAT(A), AATA (A) Certified

NSCA CSCS Strength Training for Athletes

Exercise for Manual Resistance

Running Mechanics and gait analysis



Calgary // North Hill

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