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Gabriella DeSantis

Pro Level 2 Trainer
Pro Level 2 Trainer

Since I was young I have always led an active lifestyle, loved moving and always having fun. When I was just 4 years old I was put into dance and instantly fell in love with it. Since the beginning I was always that kid that was so energetic and could never sit still, so when dance was introduced it made me feel complete. I continued dance and competition until I was 18 years old. Now, I am in school for a degree in Dance and Physical Education.

Around grade 9 things went through a little downward spiral, I sort of lost myself and didn’t really know who I was anymore, but then my love of the gym was found. To a lot of people the gym is a place to go and lose weight, but for me it’s a form of therapy. When I am alone with just myself and the music, I feel so at home and safe. I rediscovered who I was, and if it wasn’t for the gym, my downward spiral would still be happening.

In August of 2022, I decided to get a Canfit pro Certification as well as nutritional courses/certifications at the University of Calgary. Dancing is still one of my hobbies, along with styling hair and working out.

After going through such a low point and seeing how much the gym helped me, not only physically but also mentally, I wanted to do the same thing for others. I am so excited to continue and share with the world what I love!


CanFit Pro Certification
Personal Trainer Specialist
August 2022
Calgary, Alberta

Nutrition courses
April 2020 & 2022
University of Calgary
Calgary Alberta


Calgary // Beacon Heights


Dancing and styling/colouring hair

Favourite Place to Travel

Las Vegas

Favourite Exercise

Squats and hip thrusts

Favourite workout meal

Macro bowls

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