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John Dalmoro

Elite Plus Trainer
Elite Plus Trainer

Nobody can exercise for you, and with my guidance as your personal trainer, I can lead you to better results in your fitness journey.

“You are responsible for the first step to a better quality of life. Then we will work together, and you come become a winner.”

“Invest in your body and health which are your most valuable assets and get a guaranteed return”.


Certified by Canfitpro –PTS (Personal Trainer Specialist)

Certified by Federal Council of Physical Education in Brazil

Specialization degree in Athletic Training (focus in Periodization) – Brazil

Specialization degree in Exercise Physiology – Brazil

Over 25 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer.


Calgary // Calgary Place

Favourite Place to Travel

Brazil, beautiful beaches and places to discovery, amazing friendly people and delicious food to taste


Hiking and camping with my family in nature to recharged and connect with God


I have and Pekingese dog and her name is Maple, she is part of the family

Favourite Book

Abundance – The future is better than you think and you can see the bright side of human being

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