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Maria Alves - Beacon Heights, Calgary Personal Trainer

Maria Alves

Pro Level 2 Trainer
Pro Level 2 Trainer

Hi, I am Maria Alves, and I am a Personal Trainer at HerGymvmt, Beacon Heights.

Our body is perfect in many ways, that’s why taken care of our physical and mental wellness is so important.

I have been motivated in fitness and mental health for a few years and becoming a personal trainer has been the best decision I have ever made. I like to introduce new techniques and challenges to my workout routines to then apply to my future clients.

I am excited to demonstrate my knowledge and help as many people as possible with their goals while keep growing as a Personal Trainer.


Certified Personal Trainer Specialist
April, 2023

March 30, 2023


Calgary // Beacon Heights


Exercise, time with family and friends and new adventures with my kids

Favourite After Workout Meal

Eggs / veggie wrap with protein shake

Favourite Exercise

Hip thrust

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