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Tasha Molly

Elite Plus Trainer
Elite Plus Trainer

My name is Tasha and have been personal training since 2015! I have always been a very active person who could never sit still, I love helping people and interacting with people on a daily basis so personal training as a career was a perfect fit!

I have a background in distance running, strength and conditioning as well as being a full time competitive Olympic lifter for the past 5 years! I specialize in strength and conditioning- dumbbells, kettlebells with an Olympic lifting and powerlifting bias, as well as distance running.

I am so passionate about using movement as a tool for not only physical health but mental and emotional well-being! I believe that movement is the best medicine and I have witnessed it change my clients life as well as my own. I integrate a lot of mindfulness into my training and coaching of my clients, I truly believe the body keeps score so listening to it closely is crucial to development, achieving goals, and progressing continually in whatever it is you’re doing.


Level 1 Life Coaching, Canfit Pro PT

NCCP Level 1 Olympic Lifting Certification


Edmonton // Gateway

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